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Hello, and thank you for checking out my website!

Please take a look at our galleries, and let me know if you have any questions! We specialize in modern, dramatic, and artistic wedding photography, and fun and casual family beach portraits. Our style is definitely unique, and we rely a lot on off camera lighting techniques to really make your images POP!


A little about me...
I began my studies in college as a Pre-Med Student, flourishing in the biology, anatomy, and such classes that were required of such a demanding course of study. (Chemistry not so much! :-) In my junior year, I realized my heart was not in it, and after days sitting by the river on campus sketching and pondering my life, I decided to start over and follow my joy of photography. (My parents were NOT happy)

After my life altering decision to be an artist, I spent time in Spain, with studies in art and architecture in Andalucia. I did an independent study in photography on the Islamic influences in such cities as Cordoba, Granada, and Sevilla, and grew to love the country and the language. I am now fluent in castillian Spanish, and can recommend great restaurants to dine at in Andalucia!

After another 2 years managing a small local wee pub in a small corner of Edinburgh Scotland known as Toll Cross, (I know, totally random!) I returned to upstate New York to finish my studies.

I graduated from the State University of New York with a degree in photography. Right out of college, I was snatched up by a sports company that took me on the road to equestrian events all over New England. for 8 years, I photographed top notch dressage horses in Vermont, Grand Prix jumpers in Southern Connecticut, and my favorite, the 3 day events in Mass. New Jersey had our barrel racers and in hand classes. My boss began sending me out to photograph the wine and cheese parties that were thrown at every upscale equestrian event. I loved mingling with the people, asking if I could take their pictures, and chatting with them about their horses. From that, grew my love of photographing events.

I began photographing parties and weddings in New York, and continued when I moved to Florida. Having access to the most beautiful backdrops of the dunes, piers, and ocean in Daytona and the surrounding cities allowed my skills to flourish.

Though my journey to run my own successful business has been a long one, I recently was able to make one of my dreams come true. On November 15th 2012 I officially opened up my first studio and wedding photography office in south daytona. I spent pretty much every penny I had fixing it up, getting it perfect, and making it warm and inviting... a place that new 'Brides to be' would feel comfortable.  I have since moved my little store to one of my favorite areas of town, Historic Beach st, right along the river, in a BEAUTIFUL historic building called the Kress Building. I'm loving my new location, and it's hippy vibe, along with it's super close proximity to my favorite local restaurant, Kale Cafe. (YUM!)

I strongly believe that my perseverance and dedication are what have gotten me to the point I am at today. I look forward to working with you, and making your special event something to remember for a lifetime.

(For those of you who are curious, my last name is NOT Juniper. My last name is Toegel, which spells Toe Gel, which is not a very nice thing, and definitely not something I want plastered across the internet, my office, cards, etc. Jennifer Juniper is a lovely little Donovan Song that I used to listen to in College, whilst picking Coltsfoot and Mullien to make into teas. Have I mentioned I was a strange child?? I strongly recommend listening to it! On that note, my all time favorite album is Tea for the Tillerman, and favorite all-time artist is Paul Simon. I'm typically found wearing bell bottoms, or Lularoe leggings!!  Favorite all-time edible thing is definitely coffee, but GOOOOD coffee. Free 8x10 added onto the wedding package of anyone that reads all this, and walks into my office for their meeting with a medium coffee dark roast, with half and half and suge.

(lol....due to the number of people walking in my office with coffee, I have to amend this: NO more coffee!! But I'll still give you a free 8x10 for reading all the way through!!!! :-) PEACE!!)

UPDATE: Seriously guys, NO MORE COFFEEEEE!!!! But y'all are awesome!!!